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Your indoor and outdoor Italian furniture.

GRANDSOLEIL, the brand is present on the international market for over 50 years, leader in the production of garden and open space furniture.

In 2005, IGAP S.p.A., the company owned by Pezzi Family, operating in the Mantua area, assumes the control of the GRAZIOLI / GRANDSOLEIL Company.

Beside the traditional production of garden and outdoor furniture; IGAP S.p.A.  extends the collection with new product ranges (UP ON and GREEN BOHEME), introducing new materials and innovative items, also for indoor furniture. Quality, elegance and practicity have always distinguished GRANDSOLEIL products, classic and trendy, available in different colors, following the needs of the market.  

The company
Design comes to life

UP ON. Design comes to life

An attractive, unique, young and extremely versatile design for our UP ON line, where colours combine with innovation to become a creative piece of furniture. Innovative technopolymers and traditional polymers are the basis of Grandsoleil products, which have now become real MUST-HAVE in the furniture industry.

Polycarbonate has become part of our production, thanks to advanced molding techniques and machinery, from which comes a part of the UP ON line made of polycarbonate. High quality products, with high brightness and transparency, not to mention the extreme resistance of the material. On the other hand, the collection consists of polypropylene products, a constantly evolving material, ideal for the creation of durable, practical and light articles with a fresh and lively design.

UP ON offers a wide range of products with a refined, modern style, always with a touch of colour. UP ON models can be used in different sectors, suitable to meet every need of our customers.

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