Hjort Knudsen

Hjort Knudsen

Halle 21 | Stand 6


Hjort Knudsen AS
Stabelhojvej 1
6880 Tarm


Michael Schäfer
Sales Manager DACH
+49 160 99165535



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Danish comfort since 1973

Founded in 1973, Hjort Knudsen is a Danish, family-owned furniture business based on innovation and good craftsmanship.
We design, manufacture and sell furniture to our retail customers all over Europe. The company has a reputation in the furniture industry for being at the forefront of innovation. Hjort Knudsen is the developer and owner of a variety of patented techniques which aim to improve the user’s comfort. Hjort Knudsen also produces many of its own designs, from the classic sofa and chair to upholstered furniture in a contemporary design style.


An everyday life in balance

Our Balance chair-range, developed by our design team, makes it easy and convenient for you to adjust your resting position. The back- and footrest functions are easily activated separately with two different handles; it’s simple and convenient. You can easily adjust the chair depending on what you’re doing. 

In this range, we haven’t compromised with design. The chairs are created in a modern timeless design, and with an opportunity to assemble your own favorite look by choosing the fabric and base that speaks to you.

Prime sofa

Dining Relax

Superior chairs

Grande Selectio sofa

Dining Relax

Slimline chair

Wooden table

Dining Relax


Day & Night sofabed

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