Messe für das Möbelbusiness

September 15 to 19, 2019

Messezentrum Bad Salzuflen

Surprisingly different!

Despite difficult signs for the industry, the success of the M.O.W. 2018 trade fair was encouraging. There was a positive mood at the Messezentrum Bad Salzuflen exhibition centre. Over 460 exhibitors from 36 nations made full use of the 85,000 sqm exhibition area to display attractive product ranges together with the courage to innovate. Everyone worked hard right to the very end. The number of visitors increased slightly from the previous year, especially international guests and individual customers. The visitor quality rose once again. The decision-makers arrived from over 60 nations.

Acclaim for the industry’s gala performance: this year, the exhibitors at M.O.W. 2018 put on a stunning show with the aim of sparking the desire of consumers across all channels – in-store as well as online, visual as well as tactile, price- as well as quality-based. There was something for every taste, even those who were after something special were well-served at this M.O.W. This successful event allowed the trade fair to reinforce its unique position in terms of concept, time and place. Numerous enquiries and assurances of participation in 2019 confirm the great interest in the event, which is without equal in Europe.

M.O.W. 2018 recorded a slight increase in the number of registered companies visiting the event. The higher number of international visitors was confirmed by the exhibitors, while the higher share of individual customers and specialists was also pleasing. The high quality of the visitors was expressly praised by numerous exhibitors. Visitor nations with the strongest representations included the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

The successful industry gala over the past few days was preceded by a certain amount of tension: in the first few months of the year, the furniture sector had to combat unwanted side effects, which made things difficult for the furniture business. Examples include the extreme weather, as well as the numerous public holidays in May/June, which kept customers away from furniture stores. These were compounded by internal challenges, such as the increasing focus on the retail side and acquisitions as well as insolvencies on the industry side. But, the foundations for a successful future were able to be firmly established at this M.O.W., yet another reason why this trade fair was important for all participants.

The exhibitors at M.O.W. 2018 are competitive partners for retail, with a focus on product ranges and corresponding expertise and delivery capacities, who consider every part of the product up to the end customer. Besides the established big players and regular exhibitors, who are largely reliant on associations, wholesale and online retailers, new companies, especially niche providers, which allow studios, specialist businesses, individual affiliates and special online shops to develop their business were also present. This means that the range of the M.O.W. offer continued to expand – from volume sellers through to specialists!

Many exhibitors surprised with their courage and innovativeness. The focus was on the segments of sleep, living, upholstery, dining, the hallway and solid wood, the bathroom, office and babies/children/adolescents. Added to these were new modules, such as living accessories, pictures, rugs, lights and flat-packed/single kitchens. The core competencies of conventional furnishing and take-away/young living/self-service were also reinforced. These were accompanied by exclusive concepts, sales-promoting POS proposals, good marketing ideas, supporting marketing measures and new brand concepts.

10 percent more exhibitors
Overall, M.O.W. 2018 recorded 462 exhibitors from 36 nations. By way of comparison: in 2017 there were 416 exhibitors from 35 nations. This represented a 10% increase in exhibitors and an internationality of 58%, an increase of 4% from the previous year. 193 companies came from Germany, while over 269 are arrived from abroad. Poland led the exhibitor statistics, accounting for 11 percent, followed by the Netherlands (6%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (5%) and Italy (4%). France and China shared a position with Denmark (3%). Turkey was behind Estonia and Austria, followed by Belgium. France, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Kosovo bundled their strengths with joint stands.

The trends at a glance – individuality for the mainstream
Flexible furniture for all applications +++ Customised planning and modification +++ System programmes for maximum individuality +++ Oak is the leading timber +++ Grey sets the tone in many facets +++ Matte paint +++ Concrete and metal (optics) for the facade +++ Solid wood +++ Scrap wood +++ Material combinations +++ Black metal profiles and handles +++ Living, dinging, sleeping and bathing in industrial style +++ Furniture on runners or slender legs +++ Retro-appeal in walnut +++ Upholstered furniture is becoming more delicate and organic +++ Velvety fabrics and touchable qualities +++ Predominantly single-coloured +++ Grey tones dominate, even for sofas and armchairs ++ Green and blue tones, mustard yellow and blackberry as dashes of colour +++ Relaxing and storage room functions always invisibly integrated +++ Comfortable armchairs and benches for the dining area +++ Dining table with extension +++ Mute valets, vanity mirrors and safes for the bedroom +++ Extremely deep wardrobes +++ Box-spring beds with adjustable pelvic and shoulder area +++ Hallway becomes comfortable and plannable in a 5cm grid +++ Warm rugs +++ Light control via app and Alexa +++  More value in hardware technology from SS to conventional +++ and much more  

M.O.W. highlighted the diversity of taste for the middle of the market! The question as to how retail will implement these diverse and multi-faceted offers remains. Ultimately, it is not the manufacturers who act as retailers, but Europe’s purchasing associations, chain stores, specialists, conventional furniture retailers, studios, self-service firms/discounters, young living establishments, forwarders, DIY stores, food and non-food marketers and online businesses. Over 5,000 companies from this broad spectrum of retailers visited M.O.W. 2018.

Reserve the date: M.O.W. 2019 from 15 to 19 September.