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Julia K. M. GREVEN
Founder / Brand Management
+49 177 4786000

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Julia K. M. Greven

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Founder. Sales Management.
+49 160 90519077

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The stationary-digital expert platform with solution providers from sales, digital and merchandise management for the furniture industry

1) Many companies in the furniture industry and retail are looking for service partners to optimize and digitize their business processes, but are overwhelmed by the sheer volume and choice.

2) Curated, industry-related information, inspiration and matchmaking - especially in the B2B environment - are not yet offered in a very appealing, personal and crosschannel manner.

3) trade fairs, conferences and business networking events currently take place only to a very limited extent. It is therefore difficult to make personal contact with potential B2B customers.

4) instead of a forced "cat-and-mouse" atmosphere, we want to promote relaxed, productive business networking.

With 360GradPlaza, an industry-specific digital-analog "who-can-do-what" platform was founded around the topics of sales, digital and inventory management, which promotes personal exchange and business development in the furniture industry!

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Experts from the following areas look forward to advising you:


1. logistics + service solutions

2. e-commerce & store systems

3. ERP & data management

4. omnichannel marketing & brand management

5. process control

6. personnel placement

7. retail design + technology

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