Frequently asked questions


How can I registered for the exhibition? What about admission?

You need not register beforehand. Professional visitors who submit their visiting card are admitted at one of the entrances for the relevant day.


Can I visit the exhibition as an end user?

No, only professional visitors are admitted.


Do I need a parking permit?

No, parking permits are not required.


Where can I park my car?

Free parking is possible near the halls. Please follow the parking area staffs' instructions.


Where can I park with a mobile home? Camping site?

Mobile homes, trailers, transporter, and trucks can be parked at no cost on the municipal building yard (at a distance of 500 m). The parking place staff will be pleased to assist you. Please note that the parking places near the exhibition halls are only open to passenger cars during the exhibition times.


What about barrier-free access?

The Messezentrum is barrier-free and has got parking space identified for disabled.


Do I need an admission ticket for assembly?

No admission tickets are required for this purpose.


Is there a shuttle-service?

Yes, there is a free shuttle-service between the different hall areas.


Where are the nearest airports?

Dortmund, Hanover, Paderborn-Lippstadt, and Münster-Osnabrück are the nearest airports.


Is there an ICE-railway station nearly?

Yes, ICE-trains regularly arrive at and leave from Bielefeld.

How can I book conference rooms?

For this purpose just contact our administration under phone no. +49 (0) 5222 9250-0 or under


Where can I obtain an exhibition catalogue?

The exhibition catalogue can be obtained at no cost at all entrances.


How can I have access to WLAN?

WLAN is available free of charge and not protected by a password. You simply activate search in your terminal, the "MOW" networks with the corresponding hall area will be displayed to you.


When does the exhibition party take place?

The exhibition party is always taking place on the Tuesday of the exhibition week. Further information can be obtained at the entrance areas.


Where can I book a hotel room?

On our homepage you will find links to the hotels recommended by our company.


Is there a prayer room?

Yes, we have provided for prayer rooms. Please feel free to ask for these in our entrance areas.


May I take photographs?

In principle, photographs may be taken in the general areas, however, we kindly ask you to note that it is not allowed to take photographs on exhibition stands or of single persons.


Can I take my dog along with me?

No, regrettably pets are not permitted into the halls.


On which date is the exhibitor index made available online?

Approx. 4 weeks prior to the start of the exhibition the exhibitor index is made available online.