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Unique Furniture

Halle 22.2 | Stand 22


Unique Furniture A/S
Petersbjergaard 10,1 th
6000 Kolding
+45 7027 6799


Andrea Winterscheidt
Sales Manager
+49 171 3265 135



  • Polster
  • Speisen
  • Wohnen
  • Kleinmöbel


  • Multichannel
* Pflichtfelder

Welcome to Unique Furniture

We specialise in designing, producing, and distributing furniture to a wide array of international retailers.

The generic focal point is long-lasting design within dining and living. Unique furniture is created with a focus on today’s trends, new materials, and finishes, as well as the need for flexible and lasting interior solutions.

Greener Furniture

We take great pride in working with an uncompromising approach to design & quality and are constantly striving to use greener materials, develop more sustainable production methods, and optimise our packaging and shipping.


All collections and pieces of Unique Furniture are designed with a high focus on functionality.

Furnish with full Unique collections or mix & match with other pieces to obtain desired personal style and atmosphere.

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We design in three styles: boutique, Nordic minimalism, & industrial. Choice og materials and colors follow style and trend of the present.

Every single collection has its own style and details.

match color, style and woods or mix it up.

Visit our stand here at MOW or our website to discover all collections.

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