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Sits Sp.z.o.o.
ul. Sikorskiego 60
87-300 Brodnica
+48 56 4930700


Jolanta Achterberg
SITS representative in German
+49 172 300 7851



Jörg Jager
SITS representative in Austria
+43 664 5457 931



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Sits Sp. z o.o.

SITS is a family-run company based in Sweden making furniture based on Scandinavian, innovative design. Over the years we have expanded to more than 20 European markets with thousands of employees, but we still maintain the familiar touch in the way we run the company.

We believe in keeping it simple, and our history proves that we are on to something: Honesty, fairness, craftsmanship and service have been integral parts in building the SITS brand. And they are just as vital as we look towards the next 28 years of SITS.

At SITS, we enjoy knowing that new trends are always waiting around the corner, and we look forward to finding new ways of doing things. Embracing the future pushes us to always be innovative and truly inspiring for our customers.

Visit our virtual showroom with the current collection: SITS showroom - new arrivals 2021

TEDDY 4 seater sofa

CHARLIE 3 seater sofa

MOA 4 seater sofa

JULIA 3 seater sofa XL

LOVE coffee table Ø80

LOVE coffee table 120x120

CLASSIC coffee table 120x120

VALENTIN 4 seater sofa

FREJ 3 seater sofa

EDDA set 1

BRITT 4 seater sofa

UMA armchairs

STINA 3 seater sofa bed

VIDAR 3,5 seater sofa


SALLY 3 XL seater sofa

CLEO set 1

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