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philla BrandXitement
Alteburgerstraße 121
50678 Köln
+49 177 4786000


Julia K. M. Greven
+49 177 4786000



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Brand & Marketing Consulting

Strategic Brand Building, Development & Management

Strategic Marketing

Innovation + Trend Embedding

Multichannel Brand Building

As a freelance Brand Manager + Marketing Consultant, my profession is to build up and strengthen your brand! Nearly everything can be copied - except originality & personality.
Sometimes there is a lack of simple time, manpower, ideas and implementation expertise to get the right things done, connect with the right contacts at the right time. Me and my partner-network offer you the solution for all that! With creativity, curiosity, pragmatism and communicability we bring everything together and offer the whole organization to increase your Brand value.

Working time is living time - that's why I take my business and my business relationships very personally and attach importance to precisely this kind of good and fair cooperation!

My beliefs: " A brand is not a logo - It 's what people say , think and feel about it!" - "If you stop trying to be better, you stop being good ." and "Pulses are the driving forces for success!"

If you have the same beliefs and values and you look for competent support- contact me and let us work together.

Julia K. M. Greven
philla BrandXitement

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