Brafab Bra Fritidsprodukter AB - Brafab


Brafab Bra Fritidsprodukter AB - Brafab
Norra Össjö
31021 Hishult
+46 430 686424


Daniel Carlqvist
Sales manager
+46 709 94 93 08



  • Garten


* Pflichtfelder

Brafab - genuine love for outdoor furniture

Brafab is one of the largest suppliers of outdoor furniture in northern Europe. Come and share our enthusiasm of spending time outdoors and be inspired by our expertise. Our range is wide and you will notice that we have thought through both shape and function in depth. They endure being used, sitting in and looking at. Feel safe when choosing outdoor furniture from Brafab and feel proud when you invite friends and acquaintances home. Should something unexpectedly break or wear out, we have spare parts for most of our outdoor furniture, so you can enjoy your outdoor furniture for an even longer time. Brafab – make the most of every moment.

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